Dec. 21, 2014

When Will We Make History Happen?

Something has occurred to me over the past few months while watching the news. I have seen Al Sharpton run to the rescue of the Ebola injustices. I have heard Jessie Jackson speak to the oppression in Ferguson. I have seen outrage over police brutality.  I have seen police officers murdered in their squad cars in New York and gunned down in Florida.  I have seen debate after debate on social media regarding the current state of unrest in our nation. I have attempted to cover my ears but am finding it impossible. 


We as a nation are being flooded with information that separates us into 2 groups instead of uniting us as one. 


There is no need for me to cite the history of our country to you. I am sure that you all know it well. While I can see that we have made great strides in equality in our country, I have been perplexed for quite some time regarding the reasons that we cannot bridge that final gap between Americans in regard to the color of our skin. I believe I have found the answer:


The media. 


The media loves to stir the pot. We have both ends of the spectrum being thrown at us continually.  Fox News used to be known for unbiased reporting. Now it seems they have swung far to the right. CNN reports to the extreme far left. The truth lies somewhere in between. They use key words that strike chords with us. (Black, unarmed, white, teen, unjust, loot, riot, justice, racism, father, son, mother, innocent, etc). The media survives because they suck us in. They report only what will separate and leave out what will unite. Take for instance the reporting on the recent issues in Ferguson. The media would have you believe that the entire population was looting their own community. This is not true. I know it's not. To only cover the looters is showing "white America" how dangerous and violent "black America" is. They weren't covering the business owners who have lost everything. They weren't covering the people who cannot work now because it is dangerous or because they no longer have a place to work.  The media is perpetuating a stereotype that they have created.  They do not heavily cover black police officers shooting white unarmed teens or black officers shooting black teens. They only cover what will divide. 


Racism still exists. I know it does. However, I do believe we are heading in the right direction overall as a nation. The media is doing everything in its power to prevent that.  


Unlike most people I am not color blind nor do I want to be. I am a white woman. I have a black son. I have an Asian husband. I embrace that. I love that. They are beautiful, our differences. My dream is for everyone to see that beauty. Unfortunately the media does not share my dream. 



I am tired of extremists being the only voice for people of color, all colors.  I am tired of racist Caucasians representing my voice. I believe that the majority of Americans are less polarized than we are being led to believe by the media and I have been pondering how we can change that. The answer? Change the media. Join together as a nation and make them stop.


Someone needs to stand up and hold the media accountable. They are inciting riots. They are controlling our government, our citizens, our businesses and our future with their agenda. They are targeting individuals and ruining lives. It cannot be legal. They have taken the First Amendment and twisted it into a shameful, biased blanket under which to hide from responsibility. The media has become so unethical that it is dividing a nation through misconceptions. They report information as fact and cite it as "a friend of the neighbor of the deceased has stated".  That is gossip. Not fact. 


It's just a crazy idea. You might read this and disregard my words. You might, however, find some truth to my brainstorm. I do not have a voice. I am simply a mother, a wife, and a nurse. My concern is for the future of our children. I am looking for a true civil rights leader, one to represent people of all colors. I am hoping that someone who reads this will see my point of view and help me begin to make these changes.  I am hoping that these changes will happen before my son grows into a man. 


I would like to make history happen now.  If I can’t do it myself or with your help then I will raise my son to be the one I am looking for; the one we should all be looking for.


Portions of this blog were taken from a letter that I wrote to Kevin Jackson, a leader in the black community and a member of the Tea Party.