Mar. 4, 2015

Everyone needs to calm down...for the love of all that is Holy


I guess I must be more relaxed than the average, tightly wound American. That is not to say that I am not a member of the Type A Personality community because I am.  Everything neat.  Everything tidy.  Maintain control.  Do the right thing.  These are all things that I hold myself to all of the time. (or at least try to)

Over the past week, many things have been brought to my attention.   I would like to discuss these things today.  (Remember folks- I have a dry sense of humor.  If you don't appreciate that, please feel free to leave my page and NEVER and I mean NEVER return)

1. If you don't like someone, avoid them.

Growing up I was always taught to respect the people around you.  It was okay if you didn't like them but you had to respect them. What you didn't have to do was choose to be around that person.  In fact, my father told me to be civil but to move on. If you don't mesh with a person or a group of people then why worry yourself with what they have to say or do?  I will throw out an example for you.   I should preface it by saying that I am extremely liberal, especially when it comes to human rights.  I know that the KKK still exists.  I honestly don't believe I have much in common with people who believe in the oppression of other people based on color or creed or anything else for that matter. How do I deal with the KKK?  I avoid them.  I don't seek them out.  I don't act as an undercover spy to expose them.  I avoid them.  I have a tight grasp on the reality that idiots like that have been around for centuries and I cannot stop them.  What I can do is live by example and spread my message of love and acceptance to the people that I come into contact with.  Why cause trouble?  Who has time for that?  I mean unless you are sitting at home, jobless, childless, petless...who has time to spend their life making trouble for other people?  It is ridiculous.

2.  Don't put your hands on others.

What kind of person can't control their emotions to the point of hitting another human?  It is literally a sign of poor coping mechanisms.  If someone scratches your perfect little car by accident, get their information and report it to their insurance or report it to your own insurance. Don't physically attack them.  If you lose control in a situation like this, you will lose.  This is no longer the Wild West and someone will call the police or worse, they will video the whole thing and then put it on YouTube. While we are on it, people need to stop shooting and stabbing each other, too. I am pretty sick of hearing how people are getting shot by each other or by police officers.  Put your guns down people.  (Now don't go screaming anti-gun control messages to me.  I am a gun owner and you bet your sweet ass I would shoot to kill anyone who came into my home to harm me or my family.)  Honestly, why do you need to shoot people????? Should police officers be allowed to carry guns?  Absolutely.  To even allude to the fact that they shouldn't is ridiculous.  People are stupid and make stupid decisions and sometimes police officers need to provide deadly force to protect the greater good with said force. What do you do if a police officer is around?  You treat him like he's the freaking principal at your high school. Show respect and only respect.  If you have a complaint, take it to the police station.  DO NOT RUN.  DO NOT FIGHT.  This person is carrying a loaded weapon and is trained to shoot and kill.  Consider that a PSA.  I would be willing to explore this further but absolutely don't have room in this post for that.

3. Stop Meddling.

LEAVE PEOPLE ALONE.  It's one thing to let them know what you think about their political stances or public opinions but seriously, LEAVE PEOPLE ALONE.  Stop meddling in their personal lives.  Stop gossiping and making accusations.  What kind of person has time to attempt to ruin another person's life?  It's ridiculous.  Here is an idea: Put all of that energy into your own family, your health, your life, or do something more productive.  Here's a novel thought- Take a photography class or plant a garden or take a walk with someone you love and enjoy spending time with.  BE PRODUCTIVE. 

4.  Find a sense of humor.

FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, learn to laugh.  If you don't like a certain type of humor, refer to #1 of this blog entry. I mean it.  When did we become so involved in the business of others that we can't even take a joke?  There are all kinds of things to laugh at in this world.  In fact, I love to laugh at myself.  I also love when other people laugh at me. Sometimes I offend people with my inappropriate humor but seriously, this doesn't make me the anti-Christ.  It simply means that you probably weren't in the audience I was targeting with that stand-up act.  We should all try to laugh every single day of our lives.  Seriously.  Laughter is the best medicine and I recommend actively seeking it out.


Most of us live pretty comfortable lives.  If you are reading this blog you have a comfortable enough life that you have access to a computer.  Take about 40 deep breaths a day.  Relax.  No matter what happens, life goes on.  Life is an adventure.  Change your perspective and instead of being uptight and ready to attack, relax.  Learn to find the beauty in the world around you.  Read my entry regarding Paradise Found.  CTFD.  Make it your mantra.  

So that's it for now.  Avoid the things in life that you don't want to see or hear or be a part of.  Practice self-control and be productive.  Laugh a lot and at every opportunity.  We only have one life and it is slipping away as every waking hour passes.  Don't waste it on things that aren't worth your time.


07.03.2015 15:11

Ellen Wainwright

Great advice! I finally had time to read it on the computer instead of the small screen (phone). P.S. I really would like a copy of the one you took down! I'm on your side! So true! Whiners!

05.03.2015 04:39

Alice Courtney

I agree with you on all examples listed.

05.03.2015 04:01

Misty Wainwright


05.03.2015 03:47

Lindy, RN

I just want to read the line about dropping the cheeto at the beach ONE MORE TIME. I can't stop laughing.

05.03.2015 03:40


WHERE IS THE TRIAGE BLOG!?!?!?! That was the funniest thing I have ever read. Period. Surely you haven't been bullied into taking that down. What a shame.

05.03.2015 03:20

D'Ann Woolverton RN

Love this....