Apr. 1, 2015

Racism and Bigotry don't really exist

I am feeling a little down today.  For some reason, all of the hateful things going on in the world are weighing heavily on my mind.  I guess that I have spent the last few decades in a self-made bubble. All of this time that I thought I was spending on spreading my wings, I was actually creating some alternate universe in my mind regarding the truth of the world.  Take a moment to walk with me into the world I have created in my mind.


I live in a world free from racism and hate.  I live in a world where people do the right thing, raise their children to be respectful, and focus on how to make our world a better place. Where people nurture children and animals and take care of the elderly.  I have believed that bigots and racists only existed in other places, and that those places were far away from me and the people that I love.  I have believed that the majority of the population has not only embraced tolerance but also grown respect for the people around them.  I thought that we were making progress.  I thought that Christians, myself included, were striving to show the power of God’s love through their actions.  I thought that one by one we were becoming a stronger nation and world by joining forces of good.  I thought that evil and hate all existed somewhere else and that I was making a difference by showing love to all types of people.  I thought that was what the majority of people were doing.  I guess I was wrong.


The fact that the recent racial issues with the Greek community at OU (mainly with Sigma Alpha Epsilon) even occurred makes me sick.  I have mentioned this in a previous blog entry but I just can’t shake the feelings of nausea.  I guess the reason is because I have been completely blind-sided by that whole ordeal.  I thought racists were people who existed in the back woods in communities that haven’t read a newspaper in 50 years. But these were kids from families that live in my world…in my bubble.  They were not only taught this song at their national convention but also then brought it back to their university.  Who recorded them singing this?  Did that person do it because they thought it was funny? Or did they record it because they are a Camille, a person who has a little brother who just so happens to be African American? Were they mortified by this behavior and wanted to expose it?  I’m not sure I will ever know the answer to that question…HOW IS IT POSSIBLE THAT RACISM EXISTS LIKE THIS TODAY????????????????  “Hang him from an EFFING tree???”  I could dismiss the cries of racism with Treyvon Martin and Michael Brown.  I could look at the autopsies and facts that were reported and see that there were mistakes made on both sides of the gun.  I cannot, however, dismiss any of the words on the fraternity bus.  My bubble has been popped and I can honestly say that this is the first time I have been petrified for the safety of my son.  He will never fully know who his enemy is.  Racists no longer parade around town in sheets.  Racists blend into the professional world, the police world, the Greek world… they are everywhere, and they are far more dangerous in this camouflage they wear as successful humans.  I personally prefer the sheets.


Let’s dive a little deeper into my non-existent bubble…Business owners who refuse to serve homosexuals and a government who supports this type of bigotry.  I consider myself to be a bit of a libertarian.  I appreciate the fact that business owners have the right to serve whomever they choose.  Government shouldn’t intervene.  That is my initial response.  I absolutely abhor rules and regulations that force businesses to do the right thing because if they can force them to do the right thing, they can also force them to do the wrong thing. Right?  I mean, if I had a business and a KKK member came in I would want to refuse service to them.  If a member of the Westboro Baptist Church came in I would want to tell them to go to hell.  I would want that to be my right.  However, to discriminate based on religious values is a very slippery slope.  Christians are told that none of us are without sin…we are also told many, many, things that we should and shouldn’t do. Among those things are judging, coveting, greed, seeking the riches of this world…the list goes on and on.  Maybe I missed the message in Sunday school.  The message that I took from my church and carry with me is a message of love.  I love everyone because that is what I was told that Jesus did. I started this practice at such a young age that it became a habit of loving others. Through the love that He showed others He was able to get his message across.  What a great man to pattern my life after.  I will continue to pattern my life after that of Jesus.  I will continue to show love.


What you should know is that my heart is breaking right now.  Truly.  I can’t even wrap my mind around the hate that is surrounding me in this world.  I can’t even believe I chose to bring children into this world of hate.  Yes, on paper we have made progress, but in the hearts of the people nothing has changed.  My heart is open and I have chosen to surround myself with people whose hearts are open.  Is there hate in your heart?  Seriously.  Please ask yourself…hate towards gays or blacks or whites or Muslims or Europeans or KKK members or Westboro Baptists or the Obama Administration?  Do you have hate in your heart?  If you do, maybe it’s time for some self-reflection.  I cannot carry the burden of your hate any longer.  I am exhausted.  I am busy trying to rebuild my bubble that YOUR hate has destroyed.  I like my bubble.  I welcome anyone without hate to join in the rebuilding of my bubble. You are welcome to stay inside of my bubble. I know I am not alone.  Let’s join together.  “Love in any language, straight from the heart, pulls us all together never apart.  And once we learn to speak it, all the world will hear, love in any language, fluently spoken here.”