Apr. 3, 2015

Ouch. That really hurt.

It has been a long time since I have heard that thump my facial bones make when they make impact with another solid object. But today I was punched in the face. Hard. 

I heard that sound.
Immediately after, I was punched just below my sternum. It knocked the breath out of me and my epigastrium still aches. My neck was jarred. My foot and knee have residual pain.  This was no accident. I was deliberately attacked.  I could have been truly injured but I wasn't. I have bruises and I'm sore. My spirit is clipped a little and my pride is also contused.  Luckily, I had fellow staff members, firefighters and police officers who quickly came to my aid. I hate to think what would have happened if they weren't there. My job is dangerous. Period. I risk my life every day that I work. I do this because I love to help people. I love an intense environment. If you have read my past blog entries you know how I feel about emergency nursing. I love the population that I serve. 
I recently wrote a blog entry regarding patients at triage that got a lot of attention. A lot of POSITIVE attention from the medical community who understood the anecdotal humor and then also some very negative attention from a few people who were highly offended about what I had to say. There was a fiasco that surrounded the incident that resulted in me taking that blog entry down.  By doing so, I have broken the last piece of advice that Polonius gave to Hamlet. He said, "To thine own self be true."
I have been disappointed in my decision to remove the blog entry since the moment I hit the delete button. I was proud of that HILARIOUS account regarding SOME of the patients that present to ERs across the country. I let a small group of people who have nothing better to do than try to meddle in the lives of others influence me to betray the right side of my brain. The side of my brain in which I feel most at home.   That is why all of my entries have been so serious since then. I am funny. I love to make people laugh. But since that day, I have felt MUTED. You should know that I despise being shushed. 
But today, I literally had some sense knocked into me. I HAVE EARNED THE RIGHT TO BLOG ABOUT ANYTHING I WANT TO BLOG ABOUT. I didn't break any laws. I didn't harm any patients. I wrote a freaking blog. 
I GOT ASSAULTED FOR THE UMPTEENTH TIME IN MY CAREER TODAY. Maybe before you criticize me for having a sick sense of humor, you should get assaulted at work in a job where you are trying to help your fellow man. The part that people forget to add is that after ER staff members get punched repeatedly by a patient, they still have to take care of their abuser. It's pretty messed up. 
Anyway, the point is that my day sucked. I am in pain. I have a little left-over anxiety and thus cannot sleep which is why I am blogging after working 26 of the last 48 hours with only three and a half hours of sleep in between. 
As far as the famous triage blog? Be patient my friends. I will repost it. To not repost it would be to deny myself a voice and an outlet that I desperately need. And besides...that blog is acting as a tell-tale heart hidden deep within my laptop. 


17.04.2015 16:48

Clyde Camp

Boy! - Does the negative comments from a few forcing you to shift from your path resonate with me. This it the first time I've run across your blog through a friend and will subscribe to it.

04.04.2015 01:20


Zero tolerance! I hope you filed charges! This is absolutely not acceptable and those who perpetrate this kind of intentional violence on health care personnel should face stiff penalties and jail.

03.04.2015 17:45

Leslie Delatorre

I love you Kimi!!!!!!!!!!!

And PLEASE repost your "offensive". It speaks pure truth and is hilarious. And as an ER nurse who has also been punched and kicked, we have EARNED our warped humor!

03.04.2015 15:22


Oh, and don't forget the number of readers who were disappointed when the blog came down and have asked you personally to re-post!! 😉

03.04.2015 15:20


My sweet friend, I'm so sorry you had this kind of day! Thank you for what you do for society. You save people that most of America chooses to not even give a second chance/glance to. ❤️you!

03.04.2015 14:49

misty wainwright

I pity the poor fool who punches my sister!! Freakin loser!! Not an easy thing to hear! This is when i wish I were Karma herself !!!