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Scuba Nurse: My View From Here


15.05.2015 13:13


Truly enjoyed the Oh the glory of magnet, really brings it all into persepctive, we are currently in the process of re-credentialling our status.

09.05.2015 20:37

Your Friend-----

As a fellow coworker for 10+ years, I truly can say the prodession of Nursing has change to the point we are driven by surveys, data and times that the fare we would once provide has been removed.

08.05.2015 21:56

Leslie Delatorre

You are a TRUE nurse advocate. I am honored to share this profession with you. ♡

04.03.2015 03:21

Amy Thurman

Would it be possible you send a link to your blog about the triage nurse. I read it on Facebook but now the link won't open. As a fellow ER nurse, it hit the nail on the head and I truly enjoyed it.

21.04.2015 21:51

Scuba Nurse

It is reposted. 👍

03.03.2015 06:07


What a great story about the kitty. I originally came here to read the triage blog but see that you have taken it down. I have heard so many nurses raving about it. Thanks for making us laugh and cry.

03.03.2015 02:59

Allen L.

I didn't get a chance to read what you had written, but don't suppress your own freedom of speech. Coming from 13 years experience in a "related field" I can totally empathize with your frustration.

02.03.2015 21:23


Love your blogs!!! Keep them coming! -from a fellow ER Nurse