Please be warned in advance. I am sarcastic, sappy, cynical and sometimes down-right rude. I love animals, nurses, the gay community, people of all colors, and brace yourself....I love police officers and firefighters. I will defend these groups until my finger tips bleed from typing. If you are ever offended by my page, just know that it wasn't intentional. I have a big mouth but an even bigger heart. If you can't deal with that then maybe this isn't the blog for you. Any hateful comments or threats will be reported to the authorities and removed. However, keep in mind...I WILL NOT BE MUTED. Ever. Period. 

There might be times when I generalize or stereotype. Again, in the event that you feel that you fit into one of these groups and are offended, this might not be the blog for you. 

Maybe, just maybe, people might read this blog and feel a little bit out of their comfort zone. Guess what? I think that's a good thing.


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Scuba Nurse: My View From Here


26.07.2020 12:08

Robert Irwin RN

Enjoyed your July 14 posting. I don’t feel a deep personal rejection when people who routinely ask me medical questions became anti-maskers. We have a saying here in the South. “ You can’t fix stupid”

23.07.2020 13:00


So happy to find you!!

12.07.2015 00:05

Teresa Jane Jimenez

Your page re. Magnet was very timely. I'm back in school & have to write a paper on my nursing philosophy. I was already thinking it wasn't going to be a Pollyanna approach. I'll cite you fully :)

14.06.2015 21:42


A nurse I met on an airplane lamented after I shared some of the same "concerns" that you are sharing "MAGNET actually stands for ' My A** Gets Nothing Every Time"

19.05.2015 21:10


You are my hero. I am dying laughing! I should make a list of typical home health ridiculousness...

17.05.2015 05:27


OMG! Love it!

16.05.2015 23:50

Panx Bookout

You reflect my sentiment totally. We are living this committee ridden, BSN extortion and administrative abuse @ our hospital right now. Fed up. Thanks for your candid and BRILLIANT commentary!

11.05.2015 20:03

Clint Kelly

I am an ordinary joe. 2011 two major surgeries.Nurses are the hospital.Government God can't deliver mail. Sad to say. They want to micro manage and ultimately kill people from their ignorance. "TODAY"