May. 20, 2015

Transgender: Let's talk about Bruce


I have been watching the Kardashian's lives unfold over the past few years. I am a little embarrassed to say it, but I really do enjoy their show. They are a funny, drama-filled family that to a certain degree I can empathize with. (Aside from the millions of dollars and plastic surgery). I can openly say that my top three members of that family are Khloé, Scott, and Bruce. I love Khloé because she has gone through hell down her path with Lamar Odom, rumors that she isn't a full biological sister, and her battle with her weight. Watching her persevere has been super inspiring to me. She is a rock star and a great role model for us all.  Scott is the "outsider" that makes me laugh. His over-the-top antics have been so entertaining to me. He has even inspired some practical jokes that I have played on the people around me. And then there's Bruce...The all-American guy that's always been a little zany, who doesn't seem to get sucked into all of the drama, who each season has been less and less involved...and now we know why. 
Watching "About Bruce: parts 1 & 2", I found myself glued to the television, hanging on every word spoken from each member of the family.  The emotion was so raw. My heart truly ached for all of them. For the children who fear the loss of their father, for Kris trying to wrap her head around the fact that the man she has been in love with for decades has been living a lie and that she wasn't more in tune with who he really was...but most of all my heart is truly hurting for Bruce Jenner. 
Bruce has lived his entire life loving everyone but himself. According to the family, he has been an amazing father and husband. Their accounts of him included a father who was truly engaged in their lives, teaching them how to ride bikes, giving advice, and stepping up to the plate whenever he was needed. How heartbreaking it is that he has had to hide his "true self" for all of these years. 
I'm not saying that I completely understand those who see themselves as transgender. I don't. Using Bruce as an example it all gets pretty confusing: Bruce feels like a woman on the inside which makes him a woman but he/she is attracted to women which technically makes him/her a lesbian...its a lot to sort through. 
My question to society is "Why do we need to sort through it?"  I am not a clinical psychiatrist.  It's not my job to sort through it all. It's my job to love my fellow man as Jesus loved me.  That's it. 
When I look at Bruce, I am not judging. When I look at Bruce, I see a human being full of pain, confusion and a desire to be accepted. I see a person who has been trapped inside of a box for over 6 decades trying to please the people around him. Someone trying to be the person that he thought he was supposed to be. 
I think we all do that to some degree. We played sports that our parents wanted us to play, learned instruments and chose jobs based on the hopes and aspirations that others had for us. How many of us truly choose our paths based on what WE want for ourselves? 
My point is this: when dealing with our fellow man we will encounter things we do not understand, whether it be religion, taste in music, sexuality, race... I would like to challenge you that instead of wasting time trying to understand, we should instead try to be understanding. 
And to the people in my life who are struggling with anything that they feel they have to hide, I would like to remind you that I love you. Unconditionally love you. I hope that you realize that I am here to help you get out of the box in which you are feeling trapped. 
*understanding- a state of cooperative or mutually tolerant relations between people


02.06.2015 20:43

Donna Lee

Very well said.

02.06.2015 06:12


Amazingly well written - you speak so clearly from your heart and are so well spoken. What a great message.