15.07.2015 01:26

donna q

I think that more men in the field is unecessary. It's being all about the nursing and not the sex of the nurse that makes the difference. The floors were staffed with RN, LPN,and aides, much better

11.08.2015 06:27

Kerry Hershberger

I guess I may as well give up hurting I gave done for past 17 years since I'm a male and unnecessary

14.07.2015 17:15


I'm surprised the article didn't mention that while magnet is supposed to empower nurses and be nurse driven, it is being agressively forced down our throats by administration.

14.07.2015 14:30

JOE T. retired

This article should be read by all nurses local and foreign graduates! I prefer the more satisfying "old school " way of quality personal nursing care to patients ..!

13.07.2015 19:02

Joe L.

Nurses in general are over worked, overwhelmed. The problem with nursing ,in general, is that it is still predominantly a female dominated field. In my opinion we need more men for things to change.

13.07.2015 17:31


Seven years from now, Magnet hospitals will suffer a severe shortage of bedside nurses. Majority of Nurses now prefer to work outside the hospital. Less stress, better way of life.

13.07.2015 14:53

A nurse that cares

OMG you just hit every feeling I've felt the past 2 months & that's why I am leaving my magnet hospital to travel. Our ICU has become the true description you just painted.

13.07.2015 14:28

Kellie G.

Did you work at the Magnet hospital I did?? Sure sounds like it! That's why I'm not there anymore. Spot on!

13.07.2015 04:27

Larry h

Must nurses think if they accept a position on a committee, they will be thought more of by their higher ups. I never accpted a committee position during my years as a R N.

13.07.2015 02:55


Retiring after 43 years of clinical nursing in multiple specialties. Don't agree with all the author's points but she gets enough right to for us all to say - Damn, she's so right.

12.07.2015 21:39


So how, EXACTLY, does Obamacare have ANYTHING to do with the problems you mention? It doesn't.

18.07.2015 13:55


Oh, Lisa, but it does. Part of healthcare reform (aka Obamacare) includes calculating the amount of medicare/medicaid dollars that a hospital will receive based on those satisfaction surveys.

12.07.2015 21:33


Profound and very true on so many levels. I'm still nursing at 72yrs old because I choose to. It brings joy to me. Unfortunately it's harder today than ever due to Magnet

12.07.2015 19:15


So sad, so true. I'm retired now, miss the nursing, don't miss the hospital. It is not what it used to be and I totally agree with the author of the article.

12.07.2015 18:46


Sounds like a bitch session with little to no solutions offered.

13.07.2015 17:46


Yes, that is one of the talking points given from management. So if you see a problem don;t mention it unless you have a solution… well what is management/adminitration for???

12.07.2015 18:45

Stacey patrick

Wow. This is so well written and true. This is why I am going back to rural medicine.

12.07.2015 18:17

Jenny Streeter

It's no longer a "calling", it's just a job.

25.05.2016 23:46


The nurses that look at it as "just a job" are the ones who I don't want taking care of me or my family. (and are part of the problem)

12.07.2015 17:26

Vicki Turner ,RN,CCRN Alumnus

AMEN , been a nurse for 35 years, mostly in ICU, but I'm not good enough for a Magnet hospital though I taught critical care classes for years.

12.07.2015 17:02

Linda Wheeler

How true....this article nails it!

12.07.2015 12:10

the good nurse

It's All about money,not getting sued and how well your marketing department works. Lawyers and insurance companies have been driving the bus since the eighties. Revolling door,is how our staffing gos :-

12.07.2015 04:57


Well said and how I have felt for years. Unfortunately no one is listening.

12.07.2015 04:48

Army Nurse

Press-Ganey measures, in a sense, my contribution to "patient satisfaction". But, what about those patients that sabotage all efforts to provide that care. I'd like a way to RATE my patients.

12.07.2015 04:15


Wow, someone is finally saying it

12.07.2015 03:49


I do not understand what "Obamacare" has to do with any of this. Press Ganey was around and was being implemented well before the ACA.

12.07.2015 13:19


The ACA is reimbursing based on the Press Ganey scores. They have also cut the reimbursement for most areas, especially the non-profits. This means that hospitals will have less money.

11.07.2015 23:53

Teresa Jane Jimenez

If any of my kids thought they wanted to be nurses, I would have tried to talk them out of it. We need to get back to the basics of care & compassion for patients AND nurses!

11.07.2015 22:48

Traci B

I have worked at both magnet and non-magnet hospitals. It costs a lot of money to become and remain magnet and I'm not convinced it's worth it. That part about administration and committees is SO true

11.07.2015 17:58

Tanya Singleton

Very well stated.

11.07.2015 16:26

Mary Johnson

This is SO true OMG that is exactly like I feel

11.07.2015 15:34


I have been in nursing for several years and I love what I do. I have no intentions of retiring. Go with the flow and embrace the opportunities that embrace you. 12 hour shifts and 4 days off? Yes!!

11.07.2015 15:36


By the way, I'm a second career nurse and I work the floor. When you love what you do, you'll never work a day in your life.

11.07.2015 15:24

Betty D

So very true. I have no respect left for Magnet; BSN is more important than experience. Writing about care is a far cry from delivering care. Deliver us from Magnet Hospitals!

11.07.2015 04:55

Marilyn Congrove

This is so true. I was lucky to have been able to retire. I have listened to both young and older nurses express feelings of anger,and frustration at the overwhelming work and expectations of them.

11.07.2015 04:47


Nurses should not have to work 12 hour shifts, when they need to be at peak alertness when dealing with people's lives. It's all about the $$$, not the care!

11.07.2015 02:27


OMG!!!! This is so true! I've been a nurse for 13 years. We have nurses that have only been nursing for 1 year, as charge and orienting. It is so scary the things I have witnessed. Career change !!!!!

10.07.2015 20:34

Lawrence M Wical

apparently government involvement trashes what is good and replaced with bureaucracy to degrade the good. this is horrifying and should be fought and stopped.

10.07.2015 17:12

Naomi Thomas

God Bless our Nurses!!! I could see what was happening so after 30 years I decided to leave the hospital. I was a nurse that made a difference in Patient Care and that is what I stand for today.

10.07.2015 14:23

kathleen brown

i am fortunate to be able to retire and get out of this situation. From 1972 to 2012 I worked hard as a RN to give all I could ..I am sad for those who are entering now.

10.07.2015 14:19

vivian helsinger

So sad our day and time when good nurses are treated this way. Let the admistrate of the hospital come on the floor and help . No they don't care about the patients only the money and reconciliation .

10.07.2015 13:51

Grace Grau

Thought provoking perspective.

10.07.2015 09:12


....precisely why I terminated my nursing career.

10.07.2015 05:25

Maureen vanderwarker

Well done so very very true

10.07.2015 02:07


Well written and oh so true!!!

09.07.2015 23:08

Tami Ringer

This is the result of highly educated idiots in high ranking positions, who sit around and think up things for others to do, to justify their positions.

10.07.2015 03:15


Very True!

09.07.2015 21:05


This is how my 30 years of nursing experience has evolved. It is a sad statement to the art of nursing practice. Gone are the days of compassion and caring as we wrestle with all the above.

09.07.2015 17:43


This is a very good read for all nurses especially bedside nurse.

09.07.2015 14:14


I retired last year and miss the patients but certainly not what nursing has evolved into. I have 37 years experience with a master's degree and mourn the negative changes in my profession.

09.07.2015 02:49


Oh my oh my I can't wait for retirement. Nursing isn't what it was when I decided this career. No back rubs for patients, no caring. Just make sure the documentation is correct and on time. Computer

09.07.2015 02:16


with 36 years of mom/baby experience, I am praying for retirement. Preceptors with less than a year experience, and charge nurses with 2-3 years experience! God help us all!!

08.07.2015 22:08


Unfortunately this article is a little misinformed. Press Ganey's survey is not used to determine reimbursement. The survey used is called HCAHPS and was created by CMS.

11.07.2015 02:35


Ok! But the fact is that magnet status has a lot of nurses running for the hills. Several times I have stopped a new nurse from killing somebody. why after 13 years ICU
I am going back into USAF!

08.07.2015 15:31


Ahh - the dreaded Press-Ganey - if it were only that simple - seasoned nurses are counting our days to retirement as well - leaving this "new" systematic way of training their babies...

08.07.2015 04:27


Sigh. I love to read words that I have also thought. I am a seasoned nurse, worked my way up from LPN to ADN, and nof now find myself being pressured to get my BSN for the sake of magnet status.

08.07.2015 01:05

Elizabet Lanford

So true and the Magnet status is more like a maggot status. Unfortunately they eat away the good and leave the bad. I love being a nurse and am proud to say I am a nurse.

07.07.2015 14:46

Marge DeMauro

This is amazing. As a nurse who always thought outside the box I had a very "interesting" career. I would make the same decisions today because my patients were always my first priority. Retired now a